Monday, April 11, 2011

Of course I'm worried...

true, the brain MRI was only for the National Cancer Institute assessment we have on Thursday. It's part of their protocol because they want you scanned from head to toe. And some of their clinical trials exclude you if you have a brain tumor. Meagan had one brain MRI early on, and Kaplan told her, "your smarts are all there", and no evidence of tumors then. But that was then and this is now. We know the cancer has spread throughout her body. I know that melanoma likes to go to the brain after the lungs. So while there are no symptomatic reasons to be concerned, it is a scan, there is a possibility there is something there, and the repercussions would be epic.  I hate this job.

I mean, I wouldn't want anyone else to do it. But the uncertainty and having to be ready is really hard. I know there are effective treatments for brain tumors (gamma knife surgery, which is targeted radiation). But it would still be very challenging news and cabana boy would be working double overtime to handle the fall-out. At least we will be hearing the news from our oncologist. And we are headed to Bethesda for the best treatment possible, irrespective of where her melanoma is landing.

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  1. Just saw the FB post, Nick, you are in my prayers & thoughts today. I wish I could do something for you right now. Thanks for communicating -- I am sending all my love to Harborview right now!