Monday, September 19, 2011

More Treatment Ahead

They did find two new small brain tumors on the last scan. She is scheduled to have them zapped with the Gamma knife radiation on the 29th. The good news is the last two tumors which got zapped about 5 weeks ago are responding to the radiation, the smaller one has disappeared and the larger one has reduced in volume by 41%. So our doc says that is a pretty good sign her melanoma is radiation sensitive, for now. And thus the odds of successful treatment on the 29th are good. So it's pretty much as predicted - scan and zap.

It's somewhat of a relief ironically, rather than bad news. It could have been there were so many new tumors that there would be really no effective treatment. Or that the previously treated tumors didn't respond. So what her tumors are acting acne - a zit emerges and you pop it. A tumor emerges and you zap it. It could be our life for quite a while, especially since no cure is on the horizon. So our favorite friends are now our radiation oncologists - Vermeulen for the brain and Landis for the spine and body.

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