Friday, September 16, 2011

Another MRI in the bag...

Got the brain MRI done today. Other than the hour delay, everything went well. She still complains about how cold they keep all these radiation and scanning machines. Despite warm blankets, she is never warm enough. It's also always amazing how much total time is required for a 45 minute actual scan. We left the house at 12:45 and got home at 4:45. What a way to blow an afternoon. At least I got a nice bike ride around Mercer Island with a friend this morning while Meagan was with friends. It was very pleasant out and great company.

Daily Tomo therapy radiation is done for now - last treatment yesterday. Will miss that crew and facility - such a contrast to the big Swedish Cherry Hill campus we were at today for the MRI.

She took another tumble yesterday. Just scrapes, nothing serious. She is sporting a very impressive set of bruises though on her knees and left wrist. She's pretty unstable walking, but maybe now that she's done with the radiation treatments, it will get better.

So we wait for the results meeting on Monday afternoon. We will try to stay distracted and not project "what if" results. Meagan just needs a good weekend of downtime and rest - she is pretty worn out from the radiation treatments.

I could use some sleep...

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