Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

had a great fall...and so did Meagan. The Burke Gilman Trail got the better of her yesterday. We were walking after her treatment - the game plan was to walk from University Village to Metropolitan Market and back and then have frozen yogurt at Red Mango. But not very far into it, she missed a step and before I could catch her, hit the deck in a full sprawl.

Result: one skinned knee, one skinned and very swollen knee, one hand skinned and swollen, and a slight cut above her eye. Nothing broken, including glasses or watch. So we went home and got her patched up and iced and laced with more ibuprofen. Her knee is pretty stiff.

This woman did not need this. She has been unsteady of late and I try to watch her and prevent this, and I have prevented a few spills and bumps before. But gravity is faster than I am sometimes...

The good news is - it did not prevent her from a planned dinner out to celebrate our son's twentieth birthday!

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