Friday, September 23, 2011

Forbidden Topics

A perceptive and regular reader of this blog would have noticed by now there are two things I don't write about - sex and our boys. In response to some questions however, I will write briefly about one of these...the boys. I promised them early on I would not write about them and their experiences and emotions relating to Meagan's cancer or their altered lives. Without violating that promise, a brief update (facts and figures) on them.

They are both living at home here in Seattle. We have done a bit of remodeling (actually just finishing) and they now have comfortable, adult size bedrooms on the main floor on the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom. Casey is occupying Meagan's old art studio, overlooking the backyard garden. Riley has an upstairs room which we've air conditioned to be useable all year round (it was not habitable in the summer), along with a connecting room on the main floor overlooking the front yard, which he will use as a studio.

Riley graduated in the Spring of '10 from Pomona College with a BA, majoring in Environmental Analysis, with a Philosophy minor. He intends to go to graduate school in Architecture sometime in the next 2-3 years, at a school TBD. For the short term, he is coaching Ultimate Frisbee part-time for a local high school on a daily basis, and on Monday starts full-time carpentry school. It's a four quarter program. Along with all the other things he made for his portfolio in college classes and his eight week University of Washington architecture program two summers ago, this should be a useful skill and an asset when he applies for graduate school. He has already taken the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and did well, so that requirement is complete. It appears he will be well occupied, 9-5, M-F.

Casey is working part-time after withdrawing from the University of Colorado last winter. He is a busboy at the Dahlia Lounge in downtown Seattle for several shifts per week (dinners and lunch), and doing a great job there (not just parent boasting, according to his manager during his first performance review). He is also coaching Ultimate Frisbee part-time, for a local middle school. He applied for a transfer to the University of Washington on Sept. 1 (their deadline) as a full-time student for Winter quarter (starting in January), and expects to hear something by the end of October. There was a slight chance he could get in for Fall quarter, but that did not pan out, so he will likely add more shifts at the restaurant until he resumes his studies.

We are obviously very happy to have them here with us.

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