Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Neighborhood, New Walks

We've lived in this neighborhood since 1993. We haven't always walked regularly, but pretty often and more so of late. Sometimes on the weekends with friends. Before her stroke we walked at least once once a week together (Meagan has her separate, usual Friday morning walks with friends). We do about an hour, usually a loop. We have our favorite loops from our house.

So here is the beauty of brain damage. We went for a walk today. Meagan said, "let's go walk that area behind Husky Stadium near the golf range, we've never walked there before". She meant from our house to the UW Horticultural Center and then the walk through the Union Bay Natural Resources Area, out to the edge of Lake Washington, We've NEVER walked this before. In fact we have NEVER walked it at least a dozen times. If you take out the word NEVER before the last two sentences, the statements are true.

She was a good sport about it. She definitely saw it with new eyes and everything was interesting and new. I like the walk a lot; and we saw eagles and plenty of wildflowers. So it is kind of the best of all worlds - she gets a new walk and we don't have to leave the neighborhood!

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