Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun and Laughter - a good tonic

Thank you sun gods! Between that and a couple outings with friends which generated lots of laughter, today is a better day. It's kind of amazing how Meagan gets so nourished by meeting with people, and even though she can get teary about describing for them what her prognosis is and talking quite candidly about it, there is still a lot of focus on the hope for the good life remaining. And finding the joy and happiness of each day. It makes it a lot easier when you can be outside and surrounded by our beautiful garden and the antics of the dogs, squirrels, and birds. Or with good friends.

Since we are in a relatively good spot right now (with no new active impairment due to the disease), it does afford us the opportunity to stretch a bit. We set up our alarm system so she has a portable panic button that works anywhere in the house, so if I am not here for a short period of time, she can hit it and it will generate a call from the central station and if there is no response they dispatch the paramedics. So I may be able to sneak out for a quick ride or walk or run errands even if the boys are home, but asleep. It helps her confidence a bit also.

But I do kinda feel like we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. It may occur at the brain MRI results meeting on the 3rd. Or it may just show up when some part of her starts to feel differently.

In the meantime there are now more good days than bad. She is even able to laugh at her condition after the stroke. Often times she will want to talk about something to someone, but will be having a hard time remembering what it is she wants to say. So she will look to me and ask me what she wants to say. Now, I've gotten pretty good after 23 years at finishing her sentences, as many married couples can. But I am not a mind reader and it's pretty hard to be prescient and discern what it is that she wants to tell someone, without some sort of hint, to start her sentences. So we get a good chuckle out of that.

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