Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Sun Works Wonders

Just being outside lifts the spirits. Meagan went on a long walk yesterday and that always seems to help. As I type this she is outside with her friend and hairdresser, Alicia, who is giving her wig a trim. Talk about a salon; our garden is incredible, with the magenta peonies blooming and the seven foot lilies making an impressive backdrop.

It's funny how life moves forward. Even after the trauma of Thursday night. The boys are busy with tournaments and work and that helps us not be as worried about them. We have definitely noticed that the medications really affect her still - she is pretty good if she gets up early, until the 9:00 dose, then starts to get a bit fuzzy and forgetful. The emotions don't seem to hit her quite as hard in the morning as they do at night - maybe it's the coffe or the sunshine or the promise of the day ahead. We have decided to hold off on the evening dose until right before bed, so we don't have to experience emotions enhanced by the drugs. They are plenty on their own...

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