Friday, March 25, 2011

Stirred Up A Little Action

I drove out to Bastyr University's campus and the office of Integrated Oncology Research to find out why our naturopath (also the head of the department) and the office did not follow-up as they indicated they would (a week ago Monday) with regard to their recommended treatments and why they didn't return our calls after we hadn't heard from them. Meagan has truly felt abandoned by this unprofessional conduct. So what happened?

The naturopath was on vacation (of course). The office supervisor was out (typical). So I left a message about the situation with the receptionist. I was very polite.... Then I told her I was heading over to talk to the administration of the University.

I drove over to the administrative offices and went to the Office of the President and asked to see him. The Executive Secretary was really nice, he was out, but she heard my story, and promised to get someone on it. I figured I had rattled the cage enough and would likely get a response, so decided to leave. I knew I could always come back.

About an hour later I got a call from the research nurse at the Integrated Oncology Research office. Not sure what got her attention, whether they got a call from the President's office, or whether my visit stimulated the return call. She had clearly looked at the file. First, she told me that even though the naturopath was on vacation, that she would be calling me late tonight or early tomorrow morning. O.k. Then she told me the information we had been waiting for. How long they had been holding that I have no idea, and she didn't either, although she had clearly talked with our naturopath. She also could not explain why they had not returned our multiple calls from last week.

Boy, are they screwed up. Will be an interesting chat tonight. I'm only doing it for the satisfaction and making them explain and apologize. We clearly have no intention of using them again.

Sigh...things are hard enough, why does this have to be screwed up too?

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