Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Everything got shifted back a day. When they called with the pre-scan instructions (what not to eat, when to stop eating, etc.) they indicated Meagan was only scheduled for a CT scan. We'd understood it was a PET/CT scan - which we want at this step. Of course the machine was booked so we couldn't just tack it on to our existing appointment. After a call to the oncologist's office and lots of juggling on their part, the scans are now Wednesday morning and the visit to oncologist is Thursday at 10:00. It's not a huge deal and we try to build a lot of slack into our schedule during weeks like this - for either excessive waits or emotional recovery. But atypically I had scheduled some things on Thursday which are a little harder to accommodate changing. Oh well, at least tonight we feast on at and protein (or at least Meagan does)! For PET scan days you can't eat carbs and sugars for 24 hours beforehand, nor can you exercise. We haven't been going to our formerly favorite restaurant - Café Lago - because of our new nutritional regimen. But tonight - we go for it - all the salami, cheese, nuts and olives she can eat!

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