Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Two thoughts about this. From a Cabana Boy perspective, especially as this thing turns into a marathon (a good thing!!), I find it hard(er) to maintain consistent support. I probably do in reality, but sometimes I realize that a few days have slipped by, and they are days we haven't had to deal with anything, so as a result I've not had to be "on point" and constantly addressing the issues. They are certainly there, as the 8,000 pound elephant in the room. But aside from some chit chat first thing in the morning and a little pillow talk at night, I may not be addressing the emotional needs of my "client".

Life can feel kind of normal and so one naturally falls into old patterns. So part of the learning is being proactive about checking in and making sure Meagan is feeling o.k. (as o.k. as she can) and what I need to do to help her. It takes an act of will, given that the events aren't driving it.

The other thing is just how amazing her support network of friends and family are, and how consistent they are about checking in and sending her funny things or dropping her notes and cards. The volume isn't quite what it was, which is understandable, but it is still most impressive how people are able to maintain their support. It matters too - Meagan delights in getting that support and interaction (aside of course from her famous addiction to Facebook).

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