Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yervoy is the new trade name for Ipilimumab, the drug Meagan has been on for her melanoma. She's finished with her course of treatment (it was 4 infusions of about 90 minutes each time, over a 9 week period). She got a scan at the start, one at the 12 week mark (tumors grew, bad sign) and has her final 16 week scan this coming week.

Where do these pharma companies come up with these names? Ipilimumab was hard to pronounce and we heard it pronounced about three different ways. Even our oncologist just called it "Ipi". So I get the the need to rename it for their upcoming marketing push. But Yervoy?

How about YerCured? YerGonnaBeAlright? YerOnTheWaytoNoEvidenceOfDisease (or shortened even further - YerNearlyNED)?

What the hell does the "voy" stand for anyway? YerVoyage is just starting on our expensive treatment?

In our case - we just hope it means it's working.

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