Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the Road

One of the gifts of being a cancer cabana boy is having the luxury of time to attend to important matters. Having left the security of paid employment (for the insecurity of sole proprietorship and developing four different lines of business), I have also picked up the flexibility of time. Time to take Meagan to oncologist visits and scans. Time to do research and engage in talks and discussions about the disease and the options moving forward.

I've also spent lots of time counseling our boys, so they are able to plan and figure out how they respond to their situation. What a tough thing to have to do, right as you are trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do and explore all the possibilities life offers, you have to deal with a mom who has a scary and unpredictable disease. Fortunately through the magic of technology (text messaging, skype video chats, phone calls) we've been able to be responsive.  Both Meagan and I have made it a priority to be there for them when there query process surfaces. They are both at different stages due to age and school completion so the challenge for each is unique.

Casey has decided to withdraw from the University of Colorado to be home and close to his mom during this period of uncertainty. He's planning on working, reading, exploring future career options and developing a plan for an expected gap year next school year, before ultimately returning to college. He's been very thoughtful about this and we support him wholeheartedly. I get the pleasure of flying to Boulder today, and driving back with him to Seattle on Friday and Saturday. I'm really looking forward to our discussions and time together - a true gift.

I probably won't post for a couple days - although maybe to shake things up a bit I might post some pictures from the road.

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