Monday, February 7, 2011

Cancer Fighting Food Places in Seattle

There are a couple places worth mentioning in the effort to get Meagan's immune system into gear.  We've gone pretty much vegetarian, including "juicing" (what a funny verb - if it was aerobic Meagan would be even happier).  Not all meals are eaten in of course.  So when we go out - what are the choices?  Obviously lots of Asian places are vegetarian.  But for pure vegetarian? Cafe' Flora in Madison Valley is a classic, as is Carmalita on Phinney Ridge.  But for easy in, easy out, raw/vegetarian we've discovered two great places:  Chaco Canyon and Thrive.

Chaco Canyon is classic Seattle cafe' style raw/vegan.
It's pretty large, and expanding.  It's at the corner of NE 50th and 12th NE in the U-District of Seattle.  Street parking is terrible, I'd park on the street one block east (the one the Safeway is on) and walk over (be sure to buy the parking voucher from the machine and stick on your window - they patrol this area heavily).  Both places function the same way, you look at menus by the counter, place your order, get a number on a stand, find a table, and they bring you the food, then you bus your own table. Chaco Canyon has a lot more tables and lots of people hanging out for meetings or on their laptops.  It's got that relaxed vibe, and since the restaurant is below street level although well lit, you get the sense of being in a little oasis.  It's definitely the more appealing of the two for a lingering lunch.  The food is what you'd expect, fresh, organic, raw and a pretty good variety, including lots of juices.  The other option is Thrive, up at 65th and Roosevelt near the Whole Foods.  It's quite small, 4 tables for two, a communal table for 4-6 and a small counter that seats 4.  They do a fair bit of take out. You are pretty jammed in and the counter is right at the front entrance.  It also has a small retail grocery.  Park either at the Whole Foods lot one block south or one to two blocks east on 65th, where there is no meter. The block they are on is metered. We like their Thai salad, juices, and the fact they list all the ingredients for all their foods and sauces on their menu.

Both have outdoor seating btw. But bring your down jacket or rain jacket...

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