Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poignant Moment

Poignant as in profoundly moving.  Not all cancer related things are bad.  Cancer is certainly not a gift, but it has brought us many gifts.  Deeper friendships, expanded and renewed ones, cherished events and memories. The steady stream of funny small gifts, jokes, and cards that Meagan receives to brighten her day. I recall one day when as a family we really did have a poignant moment.

It was before the boys headed back to college, still summer. Meagan and I were at dinner at some friends' house. Independently each boy called, and was able to show up for a slightly cold plate of food, dessert and conversation - they have a deep relationship with our friends as well.. It was serendipitous and highly enjoyable. Meagan and I left first in our car, the boys following shortly thereafter in another.  Meagan and I got home first, walked in the door (to the happy noise of the dogs) and Meagan burst into tears. After such a great evening I was perplexed, until she managed to to tell me that it was great, and so wonderful, and yet with the threat of cancer taking those times away, also very sad.  I just held her, standing just inside our entry door.

Casey walked in first, took in the scene, and just walked over and put his arms around the two of us. Riley walked in next, closing the door, and similarly, took it in, and wrapped his arms around all of us. So there we all were, in a group hug, without speaking, but all knowing, the boys intuitively. That family hug is a cherished memory.

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