Monday, May 16, 2011

You Create a Path by Walking

We made it through Riley's commencement in fine fashion, although Meagan wasn't able to wear her new fashion. Sunday dawned with rain so we bundled as best we could, got there early for a spot under cover, put on the handout translucent blue ponchos and made the best of it. The rain stopped by the time the ceremony started and by the reception the sun was out. A joyous occasion and one we'll never forget.

One of the lines from the speeches I liked the best was, "a path is made by walking". We can only walk on this cancer journey, we have no idea what awaits nor do we have the option of choosing trodden paths. Our next step is Thursday afternoon when she has her Cyberknife set up scans and mask fitting. She'll have a CT scan and a brain MRI. Then over the next 3-5 working days the Cyberknife team at Swedish will create the radiation plan. She'll then start the radiation treatments within one week of the scans. So at the latest a week from Thursday. Meagan is feeling no anxiety or stress over this step. It's just a critical component of taking the next step. She will probably start on a course of steroids in advance, and continue the steroids after treatment until any swelling from treatment has subsided. She has to be off the steroids to start her course of Interleukin-2, so it's looking like that step will occur in late June.

But one step at a time. That's how you create a path.

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