Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day One in the Bag

Smooth as silk. The place is quite impressive - high tech meets spa. Treatment itself is about 40 minutes. "Lenore" is the robotic delivery arm. It has six axles and can essentially contort into any position around the head to deliver the beams. Meagan lay on a moveable bed. It's all computer driven based on the radiation plan. I reviewed the plan with the radiologist and he showed me the concentric rings of intensity they were using around the targeted area (the boundary of where her tumors were removed). They go after a bit of margin.

So far no ill effects. She is on steroids twice a day to control brain swelling throughout treatment and then will taper off them. No indication on the MRIs from last week of any cancer activity outside the known area.

She's home and feels fine. We are keeping things loose in terms of commitments over next week as we see what side effects kick in, if any. I do have to wake her and give her steroid pills at midnight.

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