Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess Who is Tired (Again) This Morning...

I've pretty much gotten used to not getting much sleep. Whether from anxiety or the hospital stay or our pill schedule or road trips I've taken recently - a solid through the night sleep is so rare an event I can't remember when it last occurred. So most days I need to do a power nap at some point - hardly full compensation - but helpful and I am oh so grateful that I have the freedom and flexibility to pull it off.

When the boys were teens and old enough to drive and stay out late there was a chunk of years we didn't get a lot of uninterrupted sleep - especially on the weekends or summers when they were home from college. I'd refer to it as living with vampires. It is with that in mind that we have begun rejiggering our house sleeping arrangements and done a small remodel to set the south side of the house up as the young men's wing. Both Riley and Casey will sleep on that side and be able to come and go out the south side entrance door - thus saving Meagan and me from waking up at 2:00a.m. when the party shows up at the MacPhee boy's house. We are extremely happy they have chosen to live at home, for now, even though it is driven largely by the circumstances around Meagan's disease. Their lives have been altered and future plans a bit up in the air - but being here and close to their Mom is a good thing.

Aside from the housing arrangements, it's also led to a number of discussions. Last night was one of the best nights, if not for the lack of sleep, I've had. Because Casey couldn't sleep last night and wanted to talk. So I got the 12:30a.m. wakeup knock and we sat by the fire and talked until 3:30a.m. Wide ranging and philosophical, intelligent and thoughtful conversation. I loved every minute of it. Wouldn't trade it for anything. One of the "gifts" cancer brings. But oh am I tired this morning. Being a cancer cabana boy means you have a wide ranging set of responsibilities, including a big set of ones around your progeny.

And I promised Meagan I would take her to a chick-flick today - her first movie since before the stroke. "Bridesmaids". I had better take a nap beforehand, otherwise I may not make it through the movie and be able to talk about it afterwards.

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