Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Had our oncologist visit yesterday. Dr. Kaplan was great as usual. Meagan gets a lot of joy and comfort out of seeing him. We did get the go ahead from him to get the subcutaneous tumors removed from her stomach and back. Likely we won't be heading back to any clinical trials which require a "harvest" of tumor tissue for a while and she has two other accessible locations so it's good to get these removed as they have grown and are irritating. So we have a planning appointment scheduled with the surgeon for next Thursday with the thought of having them taken out the following week. They usually don't want to do a surgery, even an in clinic one, for a week after radiation concludes (which should be completed by end of next week).

We are on standby for when the Cyberknife brain radiation treatment starts. It could be tomorrow. We don't know how many treatments. Likely it will be 3-5. So we might have treatments tomorrow and Friday, then a break over Memorial weekend and then the rest from Tuesday to whenever. They are still developing and finalizing the plan, but have us down for the table time. Meagan has no anxiety about the treatment itself.

Kaplan did tell us there will be a longer duration between the time the brain radiation treatment ends and when she might start the Interleukin 2 treatment (which is the two week hospital stay). Like up to a couple months for the brain to calm down. This was a bit of a surprise - I thought it would be sooner.

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