Monday, January 31, 2011

Scum sucking shysters

What if I promised you a cure for your metastatic cancer, especially for a cancer that traditional medicine has a hard time addressing? Would you fly to Tijuana and undergo exotic treatments? Would you fly to New York and consume 174 capsules of pig pancreas each day, along with 2 coffee enemas each day to help expel the bad stuff out your body? I think it was two decades or so ago that the rage was going to Mexico and getting injected with ground up apricot pits. Now, I’m not one to say that natural products aren’t good for you - in terms of their immune boosting properties and cancer fighting abilities. We are just ramping up our efforts in that area - more supplements and “juicing” and a commitment to organic - especially important when you have an immune system cancer. But - there are still “practitioners” out there offering cures that are outside of mainstream medicine. It’s not that they just don’t work, in many cases they are worse - they can harm you or kill you. There is one reasonably prominent person out there, a Dr. Gonzalez, who has a website with “testimonials” from patients about the success they have enjoyed using his “treatment”. Yet, when you do a little digging, you find out this doc had his license revoked in New York at one point for a variety of skullduggery, and most importantly, when he was finally able to get a controlled test at the National Institute of Health (NIH) his patients did worse than the control group. So you do have to be careful of these claims - and do some research on the good forums relating to the specific cancer. For example, the Melanoma research Foundation has an excellent forum and you can search quite easily on past discussions and see where claims have been debunked. Snake oil salespeople still exist!

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