Monday, January 31, 2011

Juicing, your immune system and cancer

I confess, we have two refrigerators. The one in the back room has, up until now, been used mainly for beverages. It has now become home to a twenty pound bag of “juicing” carrots and two pounds of kale. Two pounds of kale is about the size of a microwave oven. In the future it will likely look like the organic vegetable section of Whole Foods, stuffed with beets, broccoli, kale and carrots. All of which will last about 2-3 days. I understand and appreciate all the reasons for juicing. We discovered “Thrive”, an excellent raw and juice place up on Roosevelt and 65th. They have great juices, smoothies and salads. Meagan needs to get 10 helpings of vegetables each day for their nutritional and cancer fighting properties. But eating that much - cooked or raw - would be impossible. So juicing is us. We bought a nifty machine today. It will mean we will need to go to the store quite often to get the veggies, a big change in lifestyle aside from drinking the damn stuff. Although the suggestion to mix in some organic apple cider is a good one and should make it quite tasty. I thought juicing was only something those old hippies did. Turns out it could be quite the life saver - pun intended.

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