Monday, January 31, 2011

Locally owned businesses

Time to give a shout out to those locally owned businesses which provide excellent, personalized services. In our case, we are lucky to have Katterman's Pharmacy mere blocks from our house. It's not just the home delivery option. It's not just the quick turnaround when we walk in with an "emergency" prescription ("can we get Meagan started on the Tamoxifin, now!") and get moved up in the queue. It's not just the fact we got the owner's (Beverely) home number and cell phone and invitation to call anytime for any needs. It's all of that, plus the hugs and warmth Beverly gives Meagan. It's bad enough to have a tough cancer to beat and it's great that we have a big posse on our side. Our pharmacy has been right there with us and provided great advice on alternative, over the counter meds for side effects and coordinating the kid's prescriptions when they are back from college. They also have the same capabilities as the big chains with their telephone prescription renewal service. So we are really happy with them, and glad our business can help support them.

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  1. I love Katterman's. I get my flu shots there and have had prescriptions filled. They are great.