Monday, January 31, 2011

Induced menopause

Meagan got a shot in the butt yesterday (Lupron), which along with her daily dose of Tamoxifin, will shut down her hormones and put her into instant menopause. There is rationale for doing this - perhaps there is a link between hormones and melanoma and the hormones are fueling the growth of the melanoma. It’s the “instant” part of this which gives one pause. Also the thought this could be temporary, if it doesn’t work, she’d go off the medications and revert back to her normal hormonal state. That means at some point she would go through menopause AGAIN. I’m clearly rooting for the one time scenario, both as a means of shutting down the spread of the melanoma, as well as potentially avoiding going through mood swings, night sweats and other assorted side effects of the change.

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