Friday, December 2, 2011

The End. The Final Post.

It's a fitting day to conclude this blog, which chronicled our journey in 2011.

I do plan on writing a book, using a lot of the content from this blog. Look for it in 2012.

Thanks to all for the kind words, love, and support.

And most of all, thank you to Meagan, who was every bit as genuine, loving, warm, and supportive in private as she was in public. She was a wonderful wife, an amazing mother, a best friend, and as good a woman as you'll ever find.

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  1. I, like many others here and elsewhere, am at a loss for how to truly express my sorrow. Anne (She will always be Anne to us old-timers) meant the world to me for so many years.

    Some of my brightest, most laugh-filled memories (God, I will miss Anne's laugh) as a student in Auburn, at the UW and in the decades since, involve Anne. But it was during troubled times where her warm, patient, empathetic heart truly shone. Always there to help absorb other's pain. She always gave so much more than she took.

    Even in her struggles over these last 16 months, I feel I learned so much more from her - observing her grace, her courage and her humor - than I had a right to. She gave more than she took.

    Anne, I love you, I miss you, and I am so sad for your beloved family, and for all of us who now have to navigate this physical world without you. - Marty